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Armada invincible

Code: 6505
Age10+ Age
Palyers2+ Palyers
Duration45-90 min. Duration
Not available


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  • Take command of a mighty vessel from the "Golden Age" of sailing ships during the XVI and XVII Centuries – the age of Sea Dogs and the Spanish Armada! Each player becomes the captain of a sailing warships, English of Spanish. Each turn, they simultaneously plot the actions of their crew: set full sail or reduce them, move forward or turn, load one of numerous ammo types into the cannons, and when to fire on the enemy. The Ships uses specially laminated cards to record all the orders, so all the information is right in front of you all the time! Of course, one should consider the wind direction, depth of water, and the state of the ship, but most important consider what your opponent might be up to!

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    Инструкция Download
    Инструкция Download

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