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Soviet Motorized Infantry

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  • The Soviet Union defended nearly one-sixth of the world’s land area with its well-equipped ground forces. Central to their strategy were motorized infantry battalions. Operating from BTR APCs and BMP infantry vehicles, these units were designed to respond rapidly to any strategic challenge and function in close concert with Soviet tank battalions.


    This dismounted team includes a squad leader, an RPK-74 machinegun, a soldier with a rocket-propelled grenade, and two infantrymen with AK-74 assault rifles.


    Suitable for use with Hot War!


    This kit includes five unpainted plastic models of Soviet infantry soldiers from the 1990’s, equipped with a variety of weapons. Some assembly required. Models can be mounted on individual bases, or combined on a larger unit base. Includes unit flag and unit card for use with the Hot War game. Learn more about Hot War here: http://www.hotwar1990.com

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