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US Medium Tank M4A2 "Sherman"

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  • Nicknamed for the unstoppable Union general from the American Civil War, the M4 “Sherman” was the most common tank fielded by the United States during World War II, and many of them were sent to aid Great Britain and the Soviet Union through the Lend-Lease program.  Built to be reliable and maneuverable, the Sherman tank was easy and cheap to mass produce, allowing the Americans to outnumber their enemies.  This advantage would more than make up for the fact that late German tanks could easily outclass the smaller M4.

    Ironically, when the M4 first entered service at El Alamein in North Africa, it’s 75mm gun and 93mm of armor was superior to the light and medium German tanks used in that battle.  This led American planners to conclude that the Sherman would be good enough to win the war, and there was very little tank development after that time. As heavier (and stronger) German tanks entered the battlefield, the M4 lost its advantage, and became dependent on numbers, artillery support, and air superiority to defeat the superior German designs.

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