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Soviet Plane Po-2

Code: 6150
1/144 Scale
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Size (sm)5.60 Size (sm)


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  • The plane was designed in 1928 by Nikolai Polikarpov. It was intended to be used for pilot training, so the plane was named “U-2” (Uchebnyi-2, meaning “Trainer-2”). It was renamed Po-2 (i.e. “Polikarpov-2”) in 1944. Po-2 was reliable, manoeuvrable and very easy to pilot (it was claimed that it was nearly impossible to make the plane go into spin). The plane also proved to be quite versatile. Many modifications of Po-2 for various civil uses were developed during 1930s. When Soviet Union entered World War II, the plane was converted into a night bomber. Low-flying and quiet plane proved to be a difficult target for German fighters. It should be also noted that personnel of some Po-2 squadrons consisted exclusively of women. Many of them gained various awards for their service.


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