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  • 11.09.2009
    Model of legendary French frigate «Acheron» of the Napoleonic era, which became famous for its active operations against English whaling ships and coastal trading vessels around South American shores. This Frigate was considered a nightmare for the British admiralty and its sailors. The powerful r…
  • 02.07.2009
    The modified long-range bomber Pe-8 ОN proved its suitability for transoceanic flights when it was used by a Soviet government delegation, headed by foreign minister Molotow, from Moscow to USA and back without problems in May 1942. One of the two built Pe-8 ОN was the personal plane of Jose…
  • 02.07.2009
     8071 Prussian grenadiers of the Frederick II
    The Prussian army of the Frederick II first in the Europe of the 18th century started to use motion with keeping of step for manoeuvre during a combat. It had been required extremely high discipline from soldiery and it had been achieved by rough corporal punishments. As a result regiments of the F…
  • 02.07.2009
    8067 Cataphracts

    8067 Cataphracts


    Cataphracts - entirely covered with plate metal armour – came into the world during last centuries B.C. Armed with long spear, formed in tight lines that riders were able to break through line of heavy infantry and make them to run away. During battle of Carrhae 1000 Parthian cataphracts supported …
  • 28.05.2009
    3607 German motorcicle R-12 with sidecar and crew
    The German motorcycle of BMW concern – R-12 – had been produced from 1935 to 1942. During that period more than 36000 BMW R-12 had been manufactured both military and civilian variants. The sports variant of R-12 reached a speed record of 279.5 km/h which was held for 14 years! Because of high reli…
  • 28.05.2009
    kit consists of 5 unpainted cannons, 3 mounted and 30 foot soldiers. After entering the Great Northern War, Russia began to quickly accumulate its cannon arsenal. In 1706, the distinguished artilleryman V. D. Korchmin proposed setting up three-pound cannons and two six-pound mortar guns on a singl…
  • 21.04.2009
    The La-5FN is one of the best single-engine planes of the 2nd World War. When encountering La-5FNs enemy pilots were advised «not to loose their speed to avoid a long air fi ght». On 6 of July 1943 in the Kursk Duga battle the Soviet ace Alexander Gorovets went into battle with enemy bombers on…
  • 21.04.2009
    In the 15th – 17th centuries manorial cavalry was the base of the Russian Army. Service in manorial cavalry was lifelong and hereditary. For every 100 acres of land one warrior had to be provided with a horse (in case of long march two horses), armor, weapons, food and forage.
  • 09.04.2009
    7005 Boeing 767-300

    7005 Boeing 767-300


    The 767-300 commercial airliner first flew on 30 January 1986. It can carry up to 325 passengers-40 more than the previous 767-200 variant. The fuselage of the 300 series was lengthened by 6,43 m for this purpose. High fuel efficiency and comfort for passengers made this airplane to one of the mos…
  • 17.03.2009
    3588 GERMAN SD.KFZ 251/10
    Sd.Kfz.251/10 is an armored fi ghting vehicle of commanders of motorized infantry platoons. The crew consisted of 5 men. Equipped with PaK 35/36 anti-tank gun, being dubbed “Door Knocker”, it was mounted at the upper front hull of the vehicle. The rear hull was equipped with a machine gun or a PzB3…

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