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  • 04.12.2009
    At the time of beginning of Barbarossa operation the most part of Wehrmacht’s transport vehicles was from lorry had been produced as per “Program of expedited production of lorries” (Schnell Programm). They had sufficient passability for seat of war in the Western Europe with its extensive motor ro…
  • 02.12.2009
    Due to lack of efficient anti-tank weapons in 1941/42, the Soviet Army used 60.000 special trained dogs as explosive carriers. These animals carried 2-4kg of explosives which detonated in contact with metal and were trained to run under enemy tanks. More than 300 German tanks were destroyed by …
  • 18.11.2009
    3632 GERMAN R-12 HEAVY
    The R-12 became after 1938 the standard heavy motorcycle of the German Wehrmacht in its Solo configuration. The main use was for communication, liaison, reconnaissance and the Military Police. Its sturdy construction allowed a successful use under the difficult conditions of the Eastern Front. The …
  • 18.11.2009
    The naval Battle of Sluys fought in 1340 gave the English the naval supremacy they maintained throughout the 100 Years War. On 24 June 1340 King Edward III on board his flagship, the 250ton cog “Thomas” together with his 250 strong fleet destroyed the 400 ship fleet of French Admiral Hugues-Quieret…
  • 18.11.2009
    7008 BOEING 787-8tm DREAMLINERtm
    The Boeing Company have included the latest state of art developments into the design and building of its new airliner Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. Higher fuel efficiency as well as improved inflight comfort have resulted from the use of composite materials in the aircrafts construction. The Boeing 787…
  • 23.10.2009
    3614 GERMAN TANK CREW 1943-1945
    Crews of medium and heavy German tanks consisted normally of five people: commander, gunner, loader, driver and radio operator/bow machine-gunner. Because of their professionalism and high skill German tankmen became famous in all battlefields of World War II. In this set tankmen are dressed in the…
  • 23.10.2009
    7282 JUNKERS JU-88A4
    The Junkers Ju-88A4 Bomber was introduced early 1941 by the German Luftwaffe, all later A-variants were based on this design. The first combat test for the A4 were battles in the skies of the USSR after the German attack. The A4 fought extensively at all fronts, from the Mediterrean to North Europe…
  • 23.10.2009
    8064 Zaporozhian cossacks
    Army of Zaporozhian Sich was the most outstanding one among cossacks hosts. Independent society of Sich during all its time of existence was the source of distemper, but at the same time it was a basis for popular movements both in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and in the Russian Empire. Neve…
  • 11.09.2009
    The mass production of DShKs started in 1940-41. Within the WWII these machine guns on various mounts were used to attack enemy’s soft targets, machine-gun nests and anti-tank artillery. DShK was also used as an anti-aircraft weapon and was fitted on vehicles and ships.
  • 11.09.2009
    8075 Polish uhlans

    8075 Polish uhlans


    When Napoleon entered Warsaw victoriously he had an escort of Polish noblemen. He ordered in 1807 to form a regiment of Polish Light Cavalry ,called Uhlans, which besides the normal armament of cavalrymen were armed with long spears. The Polish Uhlans participated in the Russian and Spanish campaig…

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