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  • 02.12.2006
    Spanish and Portuguese Conquistadores set out to conquer the New World aboard such ships. These vessels could carry up to 900 tons of cargo having up to 1600 tons displacement or alternatively 600-700 fully armed men. For their time these sailing boats were well armed with up to 10 cannons and falc…
  • 01.12.2006
    Soviet Sniper Team

    Soviet Sniper Team


    The kit consists of figures of four Soviet snipers, one of them being female. Snipers' armament includes Mosin sniper rifle, SVT-40 rifle and PPSH-41 submachine-gun. The kit also holds terrain elements covering the sniper’s positions.
  • 27.10.2006
    Life Boat.

    Life Boat.


    Such life-boats were placed on crusaders' ships, cogs and other medieval ships. They were used mainly for men and goods' delivery from board a ship and vice versa. In case of shipwreck the crew left the vessel in these boats and tried to sail to the nearest shore.
  • 25.09.2006
    Armored carrier  Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Hanomag
    In 1937 Hanomag was appointed by the German Wehrmacht to develop a medium semi-tracked armored personnel carrier, capable to accompany the tanks of the Panzer Divisions. Production started in 1939 and continued until 1943. The 251 served as basis for many variants, over 4000 units were built in tot…
  • 21.09.2006
    German snipers in 1/35 scale
    The kit consists of figures of two German snipers, two observers and terrain elements. To optimize sniper's activity an observer was positioned next to him and took the overall control over the battlefield, allowing the sniper to concentrate on battle conduct.
  • 18.09.2006
    New Truck.

    New Truck.


    Gaz-ААА was the most widely used truck of the Red Army having increased floatation ability. From the start of mass production in 1934 through 1943 more than 37000 trucks were manufactured, most of them for military use. In the army the truck was used for general purpose transport, it played a major…
  • 16.08.2006
    Ring Of Rule

    Ring Of Rule


    A boat levitated silently over the battle field. The Sorceress, standing in it, viewed peacefully a regiment of the royal heavy cavalry, galloping towards the ranks of elven warriors. She raised her arm and a cloud of darkness thickened around her staff. Time stood still and horsemen, once used to …
  • 03.08.2006
    New photos in the "Workshop" ...
    New photos in the "Workshop": "Roman emperors ship" (9019) by Kostya Socolov, Russia.
  • 09.07.2006
    Mig 21bis ...

    Mig 21bis ...


    The МiG-21bis is a fighter plane, which was supplied in high quantities to the Soviet Air Force and a number of foreign countries. Syrian aviation actively used a number of MiG-21bis during military operations in Lebanon (1979 - 1983). The largest number of MiG-21bis was acquired by the Indian air …
  • 08.07.2006
    M-30 Howitzer, 122 mm (3510)
    This well known gun became famous for its simplicity, reliability and firepower. Soviet factories supplied 13600 units of М-30 howitzers during WW II. Technology of this howitzer was well ahead of its time, demonstrated by the fact that it was used in limited numbers by Soviet forces during the Afg…

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