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  • 10.11.2008
    RUSSIAN HUSSARS, 1812-1814
    In the Russian army of the 19th century, the hussar regiments fi lled one third of the active cavalry and took part in all of the major battles and military campaigns of 1812-1814. The hussars were armed with sabers, spades, pistols, carabines, pump nozzles and muskets. Kit consists of 18 unpai…
  • 10.07.2008
    Assembled model of the house being type combined into one from different types of the European village buildings, since the Middle Ages and up to the Early modern period. Comparatively mild European climate had been permitted to build houses without massive masonry foundation. Walls had been built…
  • 10.07.2008
    KV-1 mod. 1940

    KV-1 mod. 1940


    A serial production of KVs was launched in February 1940. KV had the true innovative design, embodied the most advanced ideas: independent torsion-bar suspension, heavy antiprojectile armor, diesel engine and powerful 76-mm all-purpose gun L-11. The fi rst encounters with KV shocked the Germans…
  • 08.07.2008
    The medium-range airliner Tu-154М designed by Tupolev Design Bureau has been the production standard since 1984. This aircraft is one of the most widely used Russian airliners. The Тu-154М is capable to carry up to 158 passengers at a range of up to 3500 km at the maximum speed of 950 km/h. Тu-154М…
  • 08.07.2008
    Hussars of the Polish Kingdom were unique in Europe. They were known for the wings with long feathers worn on their backs or attached to the saddles of their horses, which during a charge uttered a sound of vibrating feathers that frightened enemy infantry and enraged horses. The wings were made of…
  • 23.05.2008
    The Turkish cavalry had both feudal troops (timariots) and foreign mercenaries, who each fought without a standardized set of armaments. Almost all of the Turkish cavalrymen used different types of small arms weapons: bows and crossbows, arquebuses and pistols.
  • 23.05.2008
    During World War II German Mountain infantry proved to beelite troops. Not only in the mountains had they effectively carried out their missions, but in any other conditions. The division fought throughout the war and acted on all fronts, from Norway to the Balkans. They fought at the Eastern F…
  • 16.05.2008
    Day of a victory

    Day of a victory


    The solemn closing of the first All-Russia exhibition bench-top modeling " Day of a victory ", the victory devoted to day of a victory over the Great Patriotic War took place On May, 11th. Our company together with "Meridian" has represented itself as the organizer and the basic sponsor of this…
  • 04.04.2008
    7264 Petlyakov Pe-8 Soviet Bomber
    The maiden flight of the first Pe-8 prototype was in December 1936. With a wingspan of 39 m and length of 23 m the giant aircraft had a speed of up to 405 km/h. Carrying 2 000 kg of bomb-load, the bomber could repulse attacks of enemy fighters by cannons and machine-gun fire. On the night of August…
  • 03.12.2007
    3598 «VYMPEL»  Russian antiterrorist unit
    The Vympel unit is assigned specifically to reconnaissance and sabotage operations deep behind enemy lines, intelligence service, sabotage at the strategic units, capture of ships and submarines, Russian institution protection abroad and counter-terrorism operations. The Directorate «V» operatives …

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